February 3, Today is my birthday. Shivani did not spoil my sleep in midnight. But in the morning when I was coming out of the bathroom after a shower, she was standing with a cake near the bathroom door. Before I could understand something, she put the whole cake on my face.

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Shivani: Happy Birthday Priya, Love you so much!!

ME: Stupid Shivani… I will kill you. This is not right. If you seriously want to put a cake on my face then put that before bathing.

ME: Just because of you today I will be late. I’ll have to take a bath again.

Shivani: Chill Priya, at least for today you have to break your schedule. Let’s take a shower now or else you will scream at me all day.

And I went for the shower.

When I came to back after the shower I saw that Shivani was ready to go.

Shivani: Priya, get ready soon, today I have made breakfast and do wear the clothes that are kept on the bed, or else it will put the cake again (Shivani speaks loudly from kitchen area)

Shivani bought a new dress (White top, Black Jeans and Red Jacket) for me as a birthday present. I wear them and came to take breakfast.

ME: Thanks dear for the gift

Shivani: Thanks!! Waao… Do not show manners now. I want a party this evening and that should be a Grand

ME: Yes, sure. We go for dinner.


ME: Shivani please hurry, we are already late.

Shivani: Chill Priya… It’s just our industrial training.

ME: You are coming or should I go alone. (Angry Speech)

Shivani: Ok Priya, just a sec, I am coming

We both went out to go for our training. I don’t have any idea that a surprise was there for me.

Shivani told our whole team of my birthday. They made a plan to celebrate my birthday. My team also invited the members of the rest of the team from the office. Seriously it was the best birthday of my Life.

One by one, all the people came to me and greeted me for my birthday. Shivani stood with me. I used to work in the office rather than meeting my team members. So I did not know everyone. Shivani was introducing me to everyone. I was surprised I did not even know the name of all the members of my team and Shivani knew the people from outside my team too well.

After some time my team leader also came to wish me.

Team Leader (TL): Priya, Wish you a Very Happy Birthday

ME: Thanks Sir

TL: Shivani just told me about your Birthday, I did not get the time to take some present. Tell you what gift you want?

Before I speak anything, Shivani said “Sir, we both want to leave after lunch today. Priya’s Boyfriend has come specially from Chandigarh for her birthday.

ME: No, there is nothing like that. Shivani is kidding

TL: It’s okay .. I can understand. You can go after lunch. It is your day so no worries…

Suddenly Shivani quotes “Thanks Sir

TL: Let’s you guys enjoy now.

And the leader went from there

ME: What is your plan now, why did you ask for leave (I asked Shivani)

Shivani: I am thinking that we should go for lunch instead of dinner and after lunch, we plan for a movie. Please don’t say anything. It’s final now.

ME: OK, that’s fine, But boyfriend. What’s the logic behind. You know I do not have any boyfriend.

Shivani: Yes I know this, but not the TL.

ME: I wish there should be no mess up.

Shivani: Don’t worry. We will show the pics of your EX.

ME: Leave it. It is worthless to explain to you.

Lunch time we both came out, we had lunch outside and after watching the movie, we came home directly.

We were tired.

After resting half an hour, Shivani said, “Priya, I am going outside, I will be a little late. Please don’t wait for me for dinner.

ME: Shivani where are you going now?

Shivani: I have some plans. I will tell later. I’m getting late now.

ME: OK, at least do tell me when will you come back?

Shivani: Till 10 o’clock

ME: OK at 10 o’clock

Shivani: But please don’t wait for me and sleep by the time. I have kept the key of the house

ME: OK, take care of yourself

Shivani: OK dear, bye, once again Happy Birthday

And Shivani left from there. I did not know where she is going and with whom.

It was 10 o’clock and Shivani did not come home till now. I make a call but she did not pick. It is the first time ever that I made a call and she did not pick it up.

It’s 11 now and was ringing she did not attend. I did not understand what to do. I had no idea where she was.

Apart from waiting, I could not do anything else, how could she be so careless?

I went asleep while waiting

The phone bell broke my sleep, it was 2 at night and Shivani’s call was there.

I picked the call.

ME: Hello Shivani, where are you? How many time did I call you? Why you are not picking my call?

A voice came from the other side: Hello I am Inspector Deep. Your number was was in her cell in miss call details. Please do tell her address, we’ll drop her. As she is unconsciousness due to drugs.

I was shocked

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